Memories of Lupus VIP Lab Tour

What Memories! Last March several bloggers and I toured Exagen® Diagnostic VIP Laboratory Tour in Vista, California. Our stay was very brief, but the wonderful memories… This picture reminded me of that past. I think what prompted my reverie was a photo of Shanelle Gabriel as she finished a marathon. Or was it the picture […]

Retirement Benefits-if you live in Canada

This post was reprinted with permission from the author: “I hadn’t even heard about RDSPs until I had gotten a letter in the mail. So what does RDSP stand for? RDSP = Retirement Disability Savings Plan.  So essentially, it’s almost like an RRSP. Why is an RDSP special? Well, depending on your circumstances (for example, […]


Most books about the nervous system are 4 or 5 inches thick; I’ll take a shot at combining one of them with a pretty basic description of epilepsy on one page. Can it be done? Perhaps the disorder of the nervous system most often heard of is epilepsy. Simply put, epilepsy is the result of […]