Congestive heart failure-in a dog?

I’ve been gone a while, so I’ll be brief. I had a post all ready to go when: BAM! I went to the ER for stomach pain. “No worries, I’ll be here a few hours and they’ll say: ‘go home and take some tums.'”

Mega tests, 6 days and a medical nightmare later, I came home this past Friday,  looking forward (?) to finishing that article. Curses, foiled again!

The very next morning our dog, who jumped in the air on Friday night when I came home, was barely able to stand and by nightfall, she was falling if she walked. She had been on the decline from CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) where the heart enlarges and gradually loses the ability to pump blood well and shortness of breath results.

Bella was experiencing this and the vet agreed, Our choice was clear; we could keep her and hold her and watch her suffer, have her for a few days more where she’d become more short of breath and she’d continue to drown in the fluids that accumulate or we could be humane and end her suffering.

We chose the latter and now we feel pain. Our Bella, our ‘dogter,’ my husband’s companion at 4 AM and evening walks and my compadre for every day during the last nearly 14 years is with us no more. Bella walked across the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ last evening.

It will be hard, but we try to remember the positive times-only to fall into that negative pit. We go to sleep at night, wake up in the morning and walk around like zombies. This, too, shall pass eventually, but we’ll miss her forever.

This is where I’ve been and why I’ve not posted, but consider this as a primer on congestive heart failure-in dogs!


About Annie

My 20 year nursing career ended when i was diagnosed with lupus. So, I began another career as a freelance writer and advocate for people with chronic illnesses.

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