Work-from-home for sick pay?

How often do we think that as long as we have health insurance that the only thing we need to do in case of an emergency is head to the ER? What if the person who goes to the ER is the head of the household, an important wage-earner? What if there is no health insurance? Many American are just one paycheck away from insolvency or have loans for which there is a monthly payment that can’t be made without the main wage-earners income.

Lenders or mortgagers are usually willing to work with you; in fact, they have programs which will defray payments for some time, but eventually, they want, need and deserve their money. They are legally owed their money, so the arrangements can only last for so long.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a few thousand extra dollars squirreled away so that you didn’t need to borrow or depend on the good graces of a lending institution? ‘Nice’ isn’t the word. Wouldn’t it be more than helpful, in fact, downright common-sensical if you could pay all your bills and not have to borrow or make late fees?

This is an opportunity to make money from home, part-time recession-proof income, if you’d like, for a rainy day fund or to secure a financial future: If you are interested in learning more: call  641-715-3900 ext. 873429 #

About Annie

My nursing career ended when I was diagnosed with lupus. Armed with Whoop's almanac; I stuffed myself at the banquet table; began another career as a freelance writer and advocate for people with chronic illnesses.

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