Most books about the nervous system are 4 or 5 inches thick; I’ll take a shot at combining one of them with a pretty basic description of epilepsy on one page. Can it be done?

Perhaps the disorder of the nervous system most often heard of is epilepsy. Simply put, epilepsy is the result of abnormal electrical activity in the brain; ELECTRICITY in the brain?

Our bodies aren’t battery-operated, running on a 9-volt. But, they do need a power source, and that source is our nerves; which, in turn, generate electrical power. Once nerves generate it, this power is released into the muscles, so muscles can work.

In epilepsy, there is excess electrical activity and nerves go ‘haywire.’ When they (nerves) go haywire, they stimulate our muscles repeatedly. This continuous stimulation of muscles results in a condition called epilepsy.

Repeated stimulation of muscles results in continuous flexion and contraction of muscles, often called convulsions or seizures. Sometimes convulsions involve both sides of the body, sometimes they involve one half of the body,  and sometimes the individual becomes unconscious, and only remembers different smells and sensations.

Epilepsy is managed by a neurologist or an epileptologist. The management usually requires medication to alter brain chemistry and make nerves less irritable.


About Annie

My 20 year nursing career ended when i was diagnosed with lupus. So, I began another career as a freelance writer and advocate for people with chronic illnesses. anowlin@mac.com

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